Our Story Is You

The foundation of RedCUBE CRM is our clients. Your success is paramount in our journey to become the best resource for our users needs. Providing world class sales tracking and storage to some of the best clientele in every category. The success of our users has propelled us forward and as we continue to grow we have two primary goals:

  • Always continue to innovate for the needs of our clients
  • Avoid complicating a platform that is easy to use

  • Our clients have enjoyed the ease of use of our platform and its drag and drop systems that do not require an IT expert to manage. This simplistic approach to a complicated and extremely diverse platform has been the key element to our success to date. We know that you will enjoy the ability to simply login and go to work. As our users proceed, they easily adapt to the platform and learn how to expand its total offerings.

    Committed To Your Success!

    We go beyond hosting, safeguarding and organizing your critical client data; we are a custom sales platform provider. RedCUBE CRM is a globally utilized platform utilizing state-of-the-art programming and industry-leading client relationship functionality. The expertise we provide to our clients guarantees a 99.9% up time promise ensuring that their data is always online and available. We are 100% dedicated to supporting our clients’ sales efforts!

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    Our Mission

    Our primary objective is to deliver long-term value to sales professionals and organizations by providing them the easiest, simplest and most effective CRM software solution in the industry.

    Your Increased Sales are Our Job!

    At RedCUBE, we measure our success by yours. A dedicated team is on hand to support your needs as you grow your client base. In need of a customization? No problem! We can customize a tailor made solution specifically for your business. Our system just works! We can effortlessly cover any business or industry type.

    Providing a "Simple, Easy & Effective" software platform is not just a tagline, but a mindset. Our team is constantly innovating and designing cutting edge solutions that allow you to spend more time building relationships with your clients and less time worrying about who and when to follow up with. We believe that we can greatly enhance your ability to close more sales by helping you become more efficient.

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