The better a business' ability to manage it's relationships with its clients and prospective clients, the more successful it will grow to become. As a result, your RedCUBE CRM system specifically address' the problems of dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not just a technology, but rather a strategic platform to learn more about your clients' needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships. Additionally, you will be able to track your progress with each client utilizing the built-in analytics of the RedCUBE CRM system to capture high level performance data. As such, its more of a performance tracking tool than just a data warehouse. This will assist you in dealing with clients more effectively and efficiently.

In the business world the importance of retaining existing clients and the stress of expanding your business is what we all desire. The costs associated with acquiring new clients means that every existing client is important.

The more opportunities that a client has to conduct business with you the better. However, the more clients or prospects you have, the greater the need to manage your interaction with your client base.

RedCUBE CRM helps you gain a unique insight into the behavior of your clients/prospects and modify your business operations to ensure that clients are served in the best possible way. In essence, RedCUBE CRM helps a business to recognize the value of its clients and to capitalize on improved client relations.

The better you understand your clients, the more responsive you can be to their needs.

Mobile Ready Platform

The mobile revolution is here and is ready for you today. With our platform, you can run your entire business right from your mobile phone, tablet or other mobile device. Easily enter new sales leads, contacts, prospects, schedule appointments and track all of your client activities at a glance and on the go.


Task Specific Modules
That Yield Results

RedCUBE has the tools, analytics and power of a platform required to manage your contacts, prospects and clients. Our platform includes development and tracking of sales campaigns, time-tracking, invoicing, billing, help desk, ticketing, and so much more all included with our affordable basic subscription.


100% Fully Scalable
and Customizable

RedCUBE CRM offers you an easy to use and intuitive drag & drop user dashboard. With a multitude of widgets to select from, we bring your home page to life with the tools you need to stay fully up to date. Our platform can be tailored made specifically to fit any industry. We can customize any field, any menu and any function for our Enterprise users. Our competitors charge astronomical fees for what we feel should be a standard offering for all of our non-Enterprise clients.


Cloud Based
Productivity Solution

RedCUBE CRM is a cloud-based solution, giving you and your employees the ability to make better, faster decisions and access info from virtually anywhere. Our innovative platform is the all-in-one solution that can easily grow with your business. This allows your business to eliminate IT costs and concerns associated with maintaining and upgrading separate applications.

Our data center will let you sleep soundly knowing that our systems are protected by encrypted systems with layers of firewalls. These protection protocols have been carefully considered due to the sensitive nature of our client's customers info. At RedCUBE CRM, we have taken every possible step to prevent any intrusion. We guarantee that we will continue to stay up to date with the most current methods of data protection at all times. That way you can focus on what matters most, which is growing your business and increasing your bottom line.


Our Platform Fits
Any Industry Like A Glove

Whether you operate an insurance agency, a financial services company, a cleaning service, a medical practice, real estate office or even a paper delivery service, RedCUBE will fit your business goals seamlessly. Our platform is 100% fully scalable and customizable for your industry. For our Enterprise clientele, we provide a fully customized platform to meet 100% of your needs and tailor fit to your business's operational requirements.

Customization's for non-Enterprise clients will be reviewed on a case by case basis. All improvement requests are logged and reviewed to ensure that we are providing the most efficient system for each user based on industry feedback.


Questions and Answers

Prospect Management, closing and subsequently client retention is paramount to expanding a business of any kind. The acquisition costs associated with locating and developing new clients means that every client is important.

The more opportunities that a customer has to conduct business and interact with you the better, and one way of achieving this is by opening up tracking critical progress of your prospects, and clients alike.The better you understand your clients, the more responsive you can be to their needs.

Tracking information is power. Whether storing family information, business dynamics or simply storing documents in a consolidated space can be the winning edge in a competitive market space. You can put yourself at the head of the line with a comprehensive CRM system such as RedCUBE CRM.

  • Finding out about your client's purchasing habits, opinions and preferences
  • Profiling individuals and groups to market more effectively and increase sales
  • Changing the way you operate to improve client services and marketing
  • Tracking of your schedule, events and key client reminders

  • You must adapt your business to the needs of your clients and those of prospective clients.
    2Is My Client Data Secure?
    Although no system is 100% secure, you can sleep soundly knowing that our systems are protected by encrypted systems with layers of firewalls. These protection protocols have been carefully considered due to the sensitive nature of our client's customer's info.

    Hacking into both personal, and even government systems is more prevalent than ever in today's world. RedCUBE CRM has taken every additional step to prevent this type of intrusion and will continue to stay up to date with the most current methods of data protection and only utilize highly vetted cloud systems.
    3Benefits For You & Your Clients?
    Implementing the RedCUBE CRM solution doesn't have to involve considerable time and expense.

    One of the significant benefits will be the development of better relationships with your existing clients, which can lead to:

  • Increased sales through better timing by anticipating needs based on historical trends
  • Identifying needs more effectively through understanding specific customer requirements
  • Cross-selling of other products by highlighting and suggesting alternatives or enhancements
  • Identifying which of your clients are profitable and which are not

  • RedCUBE CRM leads to better marketing of your products or services thru its ability to focus on:

    Effective targeted marketing communications aimed specifically at client needs. A more personal approach and the development of new or improved products and services in order to win more business in the future will ultimately develop into:

  • Enhanced client satisfaction and retention, ensuring that your good reputation in the marketplace continues to grow
  • Increased value from your existing clients and reduced cost associated with supporting and servicing them, increasing your overall efficiency and reducing total cost of sales
  • Improved profitability by focusing on the most profitable clients and dealing with the unprofitable in more cost effective ways
  • 4Will RedCUBE CRM Increase My Sales?

    CRM platforms have existed for years with all major companies utilizing the benefits of these platforms to justify the cost. RedCUBE is focused on providing the same level of performance without the excessive costs. Having all of your prospects and clients at your fingertips will Increase your sales. Being able to call up all of the documents, personal and business information, as well as, past contacts with a client is invaluable. Business and sales is a relationship based adventure and being able to recall any information at your demand is profit in your hands.

    The RedCUBE Platform does more than store your information regarding your leads, prospects and transitioning those clients from leads to revenues. Our interactive system allows you to schedule future contact reminders, event follow-ups and automated tracking of the results from all of your existing and new members of your database.

    Our platform will assist you in tracking an unlimited amount of opportunities and keeping you front and center while ensuring excellent client service. This creates an environment of responsive management of all of your relationships. In this light, RedCube CRM will both maintain a better relationship with your clients from a contact viewpoint retaining more existing clients but, as well, track any problem issues/tickets that they make you aware of to ensure that they are always satisfied.

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